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Youth Green Jobs/Energy Audit Training Program

Description: The Youth Green Jobs and Energy Audit Training Program aims to provide
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high school students in the Boston Latin School Youth Climate Action Network e a summer green jobs training program that will prepare teens to do energy audits while fostering youth leadership, environmentalism and energy conservation.   For this augural year, ten teens have been invited to participate in pairs or “green teams.”  The teams are being paid a stipend to undergo four weeks of training that will culminate in
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the teams conducting energy audits, and developing energy action plans for their respective schools or community centers.  The teens will present the findings of their audits and their proposed action plans at community info sessions in the fall.

Thanks to generous funding from the Clean Energy Center, Youth CAN is proud to be able to offer this exciting opportunity for young people to demonstrate how effective and powerful youth leadership and green youth jobs can be in bringing about a more sustainable future.  Our goal is to create green jobs for teens that will provide youth with the skills they need to lead the way on energy efficiency, conservation, and community engagement related to energy and sustainability.

Dates: Mon., July 9, 2012 – Fri., Aug.17, 2012

Weeks: 6    Days: Monday-Friday

Hours: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Student Positions: 10 

Outcomes/Performance Measures:

Learning about Energy Audits – student participants will do three practice audits, and then conduct an energy
audit and write an audit report documenting the findings from their audit of their school or community center

Cultivating Planning Skills – the participating students will create Energy Action Plans that identify areas of improvement for their school or community centers (based on audit findings).  Action plans will prioritize measurable, time-bound objectives along with a detailed strategy for achieving them, including who will be responsible for completing specific tasks.

Science Skill Building – Students will get several days of hands-on training (using National Energy Education Development Energy kits – focusing on energy and its environmental and ecological effects – and will create Energy Info boards as well as a video to document their learning and their audit process

Promoting Youth Leadership – The participating students will get team building training as well as leadership training as part of the program.  They will be charged with organizing and managing the "green teams" that will work with them to conduct their energy audit, & will coordinate with energy professionals

Strengthen Organization and Documentation Skills – the student participants will post their energy audit data, and an anecdotal account of audit process, as well as energy action plans on web pages that they construct as part of the BLS Youth CAN website (web content development will use TRIntuition Workbench format)

Engaging Community – Student Participants will hold an Energy Info Session/Community Open House to report on their audit and proposed action plan

Instilling environmental stewardship among participants – Student participants will be exposed to substantial information about the relationship between energy use and environmental effects (including Alliance for Climate Education Presentation; Youth Climate Action Network Presentation; and will be supported in continuing their green teams (by BLS Youth CAN) upon conclusion of the formal portion of the program

  1. Presentation skills  - student participants will be trained in how to create and effective powerpoint and will create both a practice powerpoint (for their practice audit) and a final presentation. The students will present their energy action plans at their energy info session/open house before their community, and then again in a final meeting with all green teams present.  

Watch our Green Jobs Energy Audit Training Videos. The short version is on the left, the longer on the right.


  1. Sophomores learn to conserve

  2. Boston Students work on Energy Action

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2012 Graduates

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