The Youth CAN Network


Youth CAN Speakers Bureau

Youth CAN is creating a speaker’s bureau that will be available to come to your school (generally after school hours only) and speak to students about global warming, the Youth CAN network, what it took to start a global warming club, and more.

The Youth Climate Action Network

We call ourselves a “Climate Action Network” because creating a coalition of global warming youth groups is one of our main goals. Why?  Because the power of lots of youth climate action groups joined together is much greater than any one youth group could have alone.  There is strength in numbers.  Imagine many youth climate action groups speaking with one voice, insisting that legislators make the necessary changes pertaining to global warming.  Imagine how many more people we can reach to raise awareness about global warming as a network of youth groups.  Picture how many more signatures a network could get for petitions to legislators, how much bigger a rally would be if it’s organized by a network of climate action groups. With many groups joined together in common purpose, we can make a huge impact on global warming because we will have the power to effect real change and have a collective voice that is loud enough to speak to the concerns of tomorrow in a way that simply can’t be ignored!

Youth Climate Action Network Site

Benefits of Joining

When your group becomes a partner in Youth CAN, you will begin to receive updates about important global warming news, as well as receive information about what other groups in the network are doing.  You will also be entitled to post limited information on a Network Bulletin Board about work your group is doing, or events your group is planning.  You will also have the option of linking your group’s website to the network page. 

Becoming part of the network is a great way to become aware of the other global warming youth efforts going on around you, to share resources, and to connect with other like-minded youth who are trying to do something significant about the problem of global warming.

List of Youth CAN School Partners

A Youth CAN partner is a separate group or organization who is not a Youth CAN member, but who wishes to be affiliated with the Youth CAN network.  Partners tend to be groups working in areas related but not limited to global warming, community groups, etc.  Partners will receive regular updates about the activities of the Youth CAN network and have the option to have links to their organization on the Youth CAN website.  Add your group as a Youth CAN partner!

The Technology and Culture Forum at MIT

National Wildlife Federation

The Alliance for Climate Education (ACE)

The New England Aquarium

Boston Climate Action Network

Boston's Environmental Ambassadors to National Parks

Boston Nature Center



Mass Power Shift

GOAL Network


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List of Youth CAN School Members

A member is a group or club based in a school whose members are working to address the problem of global warming and whose group is one of the groups in the Youth Climate Action Network. Membership in the network entitles groups to regular member updates about network activities and events as well as the ability to contribute to helping to determine new network goals and projects. Membership means your group will join in working with other Youth Climate Action Network groups to accomplish the goals of the network. Membership will allow groups to post information about their particular group’s activities on the network information space. Check out some of the network’s current goals and projects under “Current Projects”.  Add your thoughts about possible future network projects. If you have any questions or concerns about joining the network please contact us at

Madison Park High School

The Green Academy

Boston Latin Academy

Boston Arts Academy

Denver McCormick Middle School

John D. Philbrick Elementary School

John D. O’Bryant High School

Tobin K-8 School

Curley K-8 School

Brookline High School

East Boston High School

Prospect Hill Academy

Abbey Kelly Foster School

Robert Adams Middle School Holliston

Algonquin Regional High School

Andrews Middle School Environmental Club

Manchester Essex Regional High School

Hingham High School

Codman Academy

Cambridge CAN

Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School

Milton Academy

Bromfield HS Environmental Group

Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical H.S.

Revere HS Green Team

Winthrop HS Project Verde

East Boston High School

Narragansett Regional High School

The Runkle School

Acton Boxborough Regional High School

Network Goals

The Youth CAN’s aim is to help youth groups get started in schools all over the greater Boston area.  At the first annual global warming youth summit at MIT on May 19th 2007, there were 47 different schools present!  The network’s agenda for now is to grow membership and to raise awareness about global warming in general.  In the future, particular issues and possibly legislation that the network supports will be determined by a student leadership group as yet to be established.  One readily identifiable issue that the network will likely take on in the fall of 2007 is the problem of CO2 emissions from school and charter bus idling in front of schools. 

What is Youth CAN?